How to install Julia

How to Install Julia Language on Windows 10- 2020

Julia is a free open source, high performance language for

scientific and numeric computing. In this tutorial, I will

show you how to download and install Julia (Version: 1.4.1,

64 bit) on Microsoft Windows. You can also download 32-bit

version for windows.

Step – 1 Download Julia Setup File

At the outset, you need to download the Julia package on

your local machine. You download Julia for windows

through their official website. Here, I have used the latest

official stable release ( Version: 64 bit Julia v1.4.1 for

windows) for installation.

Julia 1.4.1 64-bit version

If you want to know more platform specific information for

installation then visit this website.

Step 2: Run Setup File

Once you have completed the download, then run the Julia

setup file (julia 1.4.1 win64) for installation. It will take a

couple of minutes to unzip and complete the entire process.

Setup File

Step 3: Julia Installation

After running the setup up file, you will see the following

installation window.

In this phase, you can select the installation directory to

install it.

Installation Window

Now click on the install button to proceed for the next


Step 4: Run the Julia Software

Once the installation is done, you will see the following

screenshot of the final installation.

Now, click on the checkbox to run the Julia software.

Final Installation

The following command line interface will come as soon as

the installation is finished.

Command Line Interface

Here, I am going to show you how to print ‘Hello World’.

using the command prompt.


You can use the following Integrated Development

Environments (IDEs) or Editors to write the Julia source



In my previous post, I have mentioned the best 10 books of

Julia programming language. For more documentation, you

can visit this website.

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